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4 Ways to Say Best Wishes in Spanish

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Sending our good wishes is something we do a lot —if not, we should! The expression “best wishes” is widely used in English in several contexts, such as when we want to close a work email or simply when we want to express to a person that we wish their well-being.

But how do you say best wishes in Spanish? Does it sound natural to say mejores deseos, which is what you’d get if you pop it into Google Translate. Spoiler alert: It’s not. We’ll show you some of the most natural ways to say “best wishes” in Spanish so that you sound like a native speaker.

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Best Wishes in Spanish at a Glance





Te deseo lo mejor

I wish you the best

Que te vaya bien

Good luck/Best wishes

Mis mejores deseos

My best wishes

Natural Ways to Say Best Wishes in Spanish

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The most natural way to say best wishes to someone in Spanish is by saying Saludos . Saludos comes from the verb saludar (to greet). Although it technically means “greetings” or “regards”, saludos can be used in a wide variety of contexts and it also is the equivalent of “best wishes”, especially in writing. For example, it is a very natural way to close an email. You can also say to someone: Envíale saludos a… or Mándale saludos a… which both mean “Send regards to…” 

Te deseo lo mejor

If you want to verbally express your best wishes in Spanish, a good way to do it is by saying Te deseo lo mejor , which means I wish you the best. That is a great, genuine way to wish someone good luck and prosperity.

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Que te vaya bien

You also can say ¡Que te vaya bien! , which means something like “good luck” in Spanish. Que te vaya bien is widely used in Latin America; however, in Spain, they tend to avoid the pronoun te and just say Que vaya bien. You can replace the adverb bien, meaning “well” with other forms, such as genial (“cool”), muy bien (“very well”), or increíble (“amazing”). 

Mis mejores deseos

Mis mejores deseos is the literal translation of “my best wishes”, and it is also a valid way to wish someone good luck. However, it’s not the most used option. Also, keep in mind that it is a bit formal, so it could be a great way to close a work email, but it’s definitely not the way to end a text message to your friend or say to someone in person.


Depending on the situation you’re using best wishes in Spanish, you’ll want to change up the was There are many ways to say goodbye to someone. You can simply say Nos vemos, which means “See you”, or Buena Suerte, which means “Good luck”. However, the most common way to send good wishes to someone in Spanish is by saying Saludos.

Of course, you can also use other forms, such as te deseo lo mejor, que te vaya bien, or, in formal contexts, mis mejores deseos. Now that you have expanded your vocabulary, you will sound much more natural in your next conversation with a native Spanish speaker. ¡Que te vaya bien!

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