All our language learning resources! For each language, we put together articles including

  • A guide to studying the language — where to get started, and what to learn
  • The best resources online that we’ve actually used and tested to learn the languages, including books and websites
  • Cultural notes on using a language like slang or formality
  • The best tutors in that language (online, on italki)
  • Resources we have made ourselves where something isn’t available

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General language learning resources

General language learning strategies, tools and tips — learning efficiently and without being afraid.

Arabic Language Learning Resources

Modern Standard Arabic and Dialects, including Levantine, Egyptian, and Maghrebi.

Chinese language learning resources

Resources for learning Chinese — mostly Mandarin (and what you should call it).

Farsi Language Learning Resources

Where to learn Farsi (Persian), and resources + tools for learning it.

French Language Learning Resources

French — as it’s spoken in France, in Africa, in the Pacific, and by your snooty waiter.

Hebrew Language Learning Resources

A tiny but powerful language. Learn it and cross borders. (But learn Arabic too!)

Korean language learning resources

So you can dance to K-pop and watch your favourite K-Drama and feel like you’re studying.

Spanish language learning resources

Go beyond “dos cervezas, por favor.” Everything you need to order tacos without feeling like a chump.

Swahili language learning resources

How and why to learn Swahili — a huge, cool African language. As Seen In The Lion King