All our guides for travel to distant destinations where you can immerse yourself in language and culture. We write guides to living in those places, learning the languages, and insights into local culture.

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Australia destinations posts (for Aboriginal Australia) on Discover Discomfort

(Aboriginal) Australia. Culture, language, history for 60,000 years

Colombia  destinations posts

Colombia. Dancing, cheap food, and sunshine.

Egypt destinations posts

Egypt. Totally underrated for the last 7,000 years.

France destinatinos posts

France. There’s more to it than bread, camembert and wine…

Iran destinations posts

Iran. Just as it was getting cool, COVID-19. But it’ll be cool again!

Israel and Palestine  destinations posts

A.k.a. “That awkward place that’s between Jordan and Egypt and Lebanon”

Jordan destinations posts

Jordan. A lot of exploring left to be done.

Kenya destinations posts

Kenya. You can run, but you can’t run like they can.

Korea destinations posts

Korea. The fanciest of fancy Asian countries.

Posts about Spain destinations posts

Spain. Why can nobody else make good jamón?

Discover Discomfort destinations posts relating to Taiwan (a.k.a. the Republic of Korea)

Taiwan, “Like Mainland China, but with internet and clean air”

Tanzania and Zanzibar destinations posts on Discover Discomfort

Tanzania. Zanzibar and the mainland; beaches and animals.