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Learn Arabic, Swahili, Hebrew distance running, Latin dancing and more with Discover Discomfort.

About Us

Our mission is to connect you with people from different backgrounds through immersive educational experiences.

We believe in travelling to places where you feel uncomfortable to study language and culture until you learn to see through other people’s eyes.

So far we’ve learned Egyptian Arabic in Egypt, spent time in Israel/Palestine, studied Swahili, and gone running in Kenya. Coming soon: Colombia for (more) Spanish and Latin dancing, plus “Going Home” to understand our own heritage.

Discover Discomfort
Dana speaking Egyptian Arabic after 2 months. See more about our Arabic journey.
Jo speaking Swahili after 8 weeks. See more about our Swahili journey.

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Discover Discomfort
travel immersively over mosque in jerusalem
Discover Discomfort

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