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Discover more about your world by living in it. Learn languages, arts, and sports through total immersion. Go where you feel uncomfortable until strangers become your friends and you feel at home. This is what we do at Discover Discomfort!

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Learn Arabic, Swahili, Hebrew distance running, Latin dancing and more with Discover Discomfort.

About Us

Our goal at Discover Discomfort is to try to understand foreign cultures and see strangers in distant lands as different versions of ourselves. We do this by travelling and living in other places, learning language, culture and arts. We share what we learn because we want to see more people doing this too.

So far we’ve learned Egyptian Arabic (see us speaking it here) in Egypt, spent time in Israel/Palestine (see my notes on what to call that place, plus me speaking Hebrew), learned Swahili across East Africa (watch videos of us speaking Swahili) and gone running in Kenya’s “Home of Champions“. Coming soon: Latin dancing in Colombia, plus our ambition to “Go Home” and understand our own cultural heritage.

Dana speaking Egyptian Arabic. See more about our Arabic journey.

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