Life is short. And there’s so much to learn.

In 2019 we’ll try to go from zero to mastery in challenging skills like Arabic, Swahili, the Salsa, Kung Fu, Buddhist meditation, guitar/drumming and ocean swimming – all in compressed time frames and on laughably limited budgets. We’ll get creative, sometimes succeed and often fail, but share what we learn and always make it fun. Promise.

Join us! Get live updates, early drafts and content we don’t put on the site.

Our (evolving) Plan for 2019

Our ambitious 2019 plan of languages to learn, skills to gain and cultures to become immersed in.… Read More

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Our (Experimental) Action Plan to Learn Arabic Fluently in 60 Days

Here are all the things we’re going to do (or try) to learn Arabic fluently in 60 days in Egypt.… Read More

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Discover Discomfort - About us

About Us

In late 2017 we re-assessed what we wanted to do in life. In the short term, we want to learn more languages and skills, become familiar with new cultures and create more memories through adventures.

So we decided to travel intentionally, immersing ourselves. Work hard and learn new things. Get out and ‘discover discomfort’.

As we go, we’ll share tips and guides for how you can do it, too.

I want to…

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