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About Discover Discomfort _ Pyramids behind Cairo in Egypt
The Pyramids of Giza, behind Cairo

Discover Discomfort’s mission is to connect people of different backgrounds through immersive educational experiences.

When you travel to somewhere you feel uncomfortable, or just learn about another culture or language from home, you broaden your horizons and start to see the world through other people’s eyes.

At Discover Discomfort you’ll find articles about

  • Languages, from learning the basics through to discovering advances strategies for language learning
  • Culture and history of other people and countries — from idioms and social customs through to arts and sports
  • Travel tips for adventurous wanderers across all the major continents

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About the Discover Discomfort Team

Dana Hooshmand

Dana is at his best when he outside his comfort zone. He has lived in dozens of countries and speaks ten languages (from conversational to fluent).

He enjoys learning anything new, particularly things that he’s terrible at but which he believes are good for him or the world.

Dana is also a consultant for startups, holds degrees in Engineering and Law, and writes about motorcycles as well as about tech, business, and coding.

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Jo Hyun

Jo is an adventurer at heart. She gets a kick out of cultural juxtapositions, like being an Asian girl who speaks Egyptian Arabic or trying to make an African island feel like home.

Jo regularly gets up at 3am just to make it to a mountaintop at sunrise.

Jo is a budding e-commerce entrepreneur with years of startup management experience, holds an MBA from UCLA, and also posts regularly on Instagram.

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