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Discover Discomfort About Us Dana and Jo Yosemite

We started Discover Discomfort because there was a lot we didn’t know about the world, and wanted to fix that.

How? By going to unfamiliar places with cultures foreign to ours, and learning about them through studying language, arts and sports.

To fit it all in, we made a list of things we thought would be helpful for us to learn about the world, and decided to do them one at a time — intensely!

So we’ll see if we can:

And much more. If you join us by email, get ready for a dose of anthropology, language insights and adventure travel.

Hi, I’m Dana!

I learned my first foreign language when I was 20 and now speak nine languages. I like learning anything new, particularly if I’m terrible at it but I think it’d be good for me (hence, dancing!), and REALLY enjoy completely nerding out on one thing obsessively. My favourite part is the beginning, when I know absolutely nothing and feel like an idiot. I also blog at my personal website about tech, business, coding and motorcycles.

Hi, I’m Jo!

I love being out being out in nature. I regularly drag Dana out of bed at 4am to hike to some obscure location to see the sun rise. (If there’s no sunrise though, I sleep in!) I also love being in unusual places, like being an Asian girl who speaks Egyptian Arabic, or trying to make an African island feel like home. I also post regularly on my Instagram account: @shesatrailblazer.