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Our mission is to connect you with people from different backgrounds through immersive educational experiences.

We believe in travelling to places where you feel uncomfortable to study language and culture until you learn to see through other people’s eyes.

So far we have covered Egyptian Arabic and living in Egypt, Swahili in Tanzania, running in Kenya, living in Israel/Palestine and learning Hebrew, and reflected on France during Europe’s refugee boom.

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The Discover Discomfort Team

Dana Hooshmand

Dana is at his best when he outside his comfort zone. He has lived in dozens of countries and speaks nine languages (from conversational to fluent).

He enjoys learning anything new, particularly things that he’s terrible at but which he believes are good for him or the world.

Dana is also a consultant for startups, holds degrees in Engineering and Law, and blogs about motorcycles as well as about his personal website about tech, business, and coding.

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Jo Hyun

Jo lives for adventure. She loves unusual cultural juxtapositions, like being an Asian girl who speaks Egyptian Arabic or trying to make an African island feel like home.

Jo regularly drags Dana out of bed at 4am to hike to an obscure location to see the sunrise.

Jo is a budding e-commerce entrepreneur with years of startup management experience, holds an MBA from UCLA, and also posts regularly about adventure travel on her Instagram account @shesatrailblazer.

About Discover Discomfort 2

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