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Discover Discomfort
Media Kit

If you would like to mention us in the media, here’s a list of resources to use. Our official links and socials Home page official URL: https://discoverdiscomfort.com Instagram: @discoverdiscomfort Twitter: @discoverdiscom Facebook: @discoverdiscomfort Pinterest: @discoverdiscomfort LinkedIn: @Discover Discomfort Where we’ve been mentioned before Here’s where … Read More

Learn Swahili - Kenya - Runners
Complete Guide to Swahili / Kiswahili

A resource page for learning Swahili. Discover which Swahili words we use in English and other facts about the language, including key phrases like “Hello” and “How are you?”
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Become a Discoverer

Join us, and become a Discoverer. Join a community of people who want to bring the people of world closer together through immersive learning travel experiences. “Wait, who are you and what is Discover Discomfort?” We are Dana and Jo, … Read More

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