10 Ways to Say Funny in Spanish

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When learning Spanish for the first time, you’ll be bound to make some funny mistakes from time to time. So having a good sense of humor about the process can the whole thing a little less intimidating and enjoyable. So how do you say funny in Spanish?

Well, there are several different meanings and synonyms for funny, and the word you want to use will depend on the situation. In this article, you will become a master of saying funny in Spanish, whether you want to talk about something that made you laugh, something that surprised you or using “funny” as part of a set expression.

All the Ways to Say Funny in Spanish

Funny – humorous, causing laughter

When we think of the word “funny”, the first thing that comes to mind is something amusing, humorous, or that makes us laugh. But how do we say that in Spanish? Well, we can use the words gracioso, divertido, chistoso, or cómico in similar ways. Let’s see how to use them.

SpanishEnglishSpanish exampleEnglish translation
gracioso funny (humorous)Andrés es muy gracioso, no para de hacer chistes.Andrés is really funny, he’s constantly telling jokes.
divertido funny (fun)Me encanta que me cuentes tus historias, siempre son divertidas.I love it when you tell me your stories, they’re always funny.
chistoso funny (causing laughter)Me parece chistoso que te hayas caído dos veces seguidas.I think it’s funny that you fell twice in a row.
cómico funny (humorous)¿Has visto el último capítulo de la serie? Es muy cómico, no paré de reírme.Have you seen the last chapter of the series? It’s really funny, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Funny – strange, surprising, unexpected

We can also use “funny” to say that something is strange or surprising to us. In those cases, we won’t use any of the words we’ve seen before, but we could use extraño, sorprendente, inesperado, curioso, raro, and sospechoso to mean different things. Let’s see them in use in the table below.

SpanishEnglishSpanish sentenceEnglish translation
extraño funny (strange)Fue extraño que dijeras eso… ¿Piensas en esas cosas a menudo?That was a funny thing to say… Do you think of things like that often?
raro funny (strange)Su forma de escapar de tu abrazo fue rara.It’s funny how he escaped your hug.
sorprendente funny (surprising)¡Qué sorprendente! Nunca se me ocurrió que esa sería la respuesta a la adivinanza.How funny! I never thought that would be the answer to the riddle.
inesperado funny (unexpected)Ah, eso fue inesperado. Creí que los protagonistas terminarían juntos.Oh, that’s funny. I thought the protagonists would end up together.
curioso funny (curious)Es curioso que lo menciones porque, de hecho, mi papá es profesor de Arte.It’s funny that you mentioned that because my dad is actually an art teacher.
sospechoso funny (suspicious)Tiene algo sospechoso, no creo que sea del todo honesta.There’s something funny about her, I don’t think she’s being entirely honest.

Expressions with “Funny”

It’s interesting to see just how many expressions use “funny”. Generally speaking, these expressions can be translated to Spanish as one of the words we’ve learned before, but which one? Let’s find out!!

There’s Something Funny Going on Here

This expression in English is used to say that we suspect that something isn’t quite right. Therefore, in Spanish we can translate “funny” as extraño, raro, or sospechoso. So to translate it directly into Spanish, which would make perfect sense, you could say Aquí hay algo extraño/raro/sospechoso.

However, an idiomatic expression you could use to say there’s something funny or fishy going on would be aqui hay gato encerrado , which is literally translated to “there’s a locked up cat”.


Aquí hay gato encerrado. ¿Ni siquiera se caen bien y ahora están organizando un viaje juntos?


There’s something funny going on here. You guys don’t even like each other and now you’re organizing a trip together?

I Feel Funny

In English, we also have the phrase “to feel funny”, which means that one doesn’t feel too good. In this case, we can’t use any of the previous words. Instead, we can use the adjectives mal or fatal depending on how “funny” we feel. If we’re feeling bad, we use Me siento mal , but if we’re feeling awful, we use Me siento fatal .


  1. Me siento mal, creo que la comida no me cayó bien.
  2. Me siento fatal, solo quiero dormir en mi cama.


  1. I feel funny, I think the food made me sick.
  2. I feel funny, I just want to sleep in my bed.

The Funny Thing Is…

In English, we use the phrase “the funny thing is…” for many different things. If we use it to say that something is curious or strange, we can use the Spanish adjectives curioso and extraño. The phrase we would use is lo curioso / extraño


Lo curioso/extraño es que se haya ido sin decir adiós.


The funny thing is that she left without saying goodbye.

However, if we mean to say that something is humorous, we can say lo gracioso / divertido


Lo gracioso/divertido es que ella no entendía la broma.


The funny this is that she didn’t get the joke.

Sometimes, we also use it with the previous meaning, only sarcastically:


Lo gracioso/divertido es que terminó conmigo por teléfono.


The funny thing is that he broke up with me over the phone.

Funny Business

In English, we usually use the phrase “funny business” to talk about something dishonest or a trick. With this meaning, we can use the adjectives raro or extraño we’ve seen before:


No intentes hacer nada extraño/raro mientras no estoy.


Don’t try any funny business while I’m gone.

What’s So Funny?

This phrase is used to snap back at someone who is laughing at us or something we don’t think is funny. In this case, in Spanish we can use the adjectives gracioso or divertido. The expression is qué te parece tan gracioso / divertido


No sé qué te parece tan gracioso/divertido.


I don’t get what’s so funny.

However, the most natural or common way to say this is with the phrase ¿de qué te ríes? which could be translated as “what are you laughing at?”


¿De qué te ríes? Deja de hacer eso.


What’s so funny? Stop doing that.

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