5 Romantic Ways to Say My Love in Italian

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One of the sweetest nicknames you can give a romantic partner or a loved one is my love. Italy is filled with romantic landscapes and scenery, and it’s no surprise that Italian is a language of beautiful romantic phrases. So how do you say my love in Italian?

Let’s take a look at how to say my love in Italian as well as other similar terms of endearment you can use to refer to your loved ones.

My love in Italian at a Glance



Amore mio

My love

Tesoro mio

My treasure

Cuore mio

My heart

Vita mia

My life

Mio caro / mia cara

My dear

My love in Italian

5 Romantic Ways to Say My Love in Italian 1

Amore mio

Let’s start with the main and most popular term of endearment. My love in Italian is amore mio means “my treasure,” and can be said to both a man and a woman. It’s a common and versatile term of affection for lovers, spouses, kids, friends, or anyone close to you, even pets!

Cuore mio – my heart

Cuore mio means “my heart,” and is another common way to address a loved one, especially someone you’re in a loving relationship with. If you call someone by this term you are saying that they mean a lot to you. This is a great compliment.

Vita mia – my life

In Italian, you can refer to your spouse or romantic partner as vita mia , literally “my life.” This expression is a very passionate and strong expression and is better reserved for when things get really, really serious.

Mio caro/mia cara – my dear

Caro and cara translate roughly as “dear” and “darling”. In Italian, to say “my dear” you use mio caro for a man and mia cara for a woman. They are common terms of affection especially among the older generation. They are still used by older people, usually by men to their wives, and by ladies to people they care about. 

Superlatives carissimo and carissima are sometimes used with strangers as well. For example, a friendly cashier at the supermarket or the receptionist at the dentist’s office might call you carissima or carissimo if they don’t know or can’t remember your name.

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