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The Best Local Foods to Eat in Egypt

A quick overview of the most delicious (and often quite cheap) foods to eat in Egypt, including for vegetarians. Molokheyya, roast chicken, and rice. All classic Egyptian must-eat foods. Egypt shocked us with its amazing food in the time we … Read More

Gift Ideas for Hardcore Travellers

For some reason, people find it hard to give me gifts, even though I think I make it painfully obvious. I like a lot of things… and obviously, I like to travel. Travel is the part that makes it hardest, … Read More

Three Fun Ways to Remember Difficult Words

“The bicycle has a problem, it needs air” I explained in Swahili using words I know. “Baisikeli ina shida, inahitaji hewa.” The guy looked at me. “Pancha?” he said. Turns out that’s how you say “puncture”… I’ll never forget that … Read More

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