105 French Travel Phrases Used by Native Speakers

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Are you gearing up for a mesmerizing journey to the heart of France, a land rich with history, culture, and impeccable culinary delights? There’s nothing more rewarding than immersing yourself fully into the authentic French experience. A great way to start is by arming yourself with some handy French travel phrases.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or taking your first leap into the French adventure, acquiring a foundational understanding of common phrases can transform your trip from good to extraordinary.

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French Greetings

french travel phrases

Initiating a conversation in France, especially when traveling, starts with the right greeting. Whether it’s the casual “Salut” or the formal “Bonjour,” understanding these essential French phrases for travel is the first step to meaningful interactions. Dive into the various salutations to kick off any conversation on a pleasant note.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Hello/Good morning
Good evening
Hello (on the phone)
Comment ça va?
How are you?

French Farewell Phrases

Every encounter has its ending, and knowing how to say goodbye in French can leave a lasting impression. From the informal “Au revoir” to the more casual “À bientôt,” discover the art of French farewells. Ensure your parting words resonate with warmth and sincerity.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Au revoir
Bonne journée
Have a good day
Bonne soirée
Have a good evening
Bonne nuit
Good night
À bientôt
See you soon
À tout à l’heure
See you in a bit
Bye (very informal, borrowed from Italian)

French Polite Phrases

In France, politeness is not just a gesture—it’s a way of life. By understanding and using basic French phrases for travel, such as “S’il vous plaît” and “Merci,” you can navigate social interactions with grace. Embrace the cultural nuances of courtesy that enrich every conversation.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Thank you
Merci beaucoup
Thank you very much
Non, merci
No thank you.
De rien
You’re welcome
S’il vous plaît
Excuse me
Je suis désolé(e)
I am sorry

French Travel Inquiries

french phrases for travel

Traveling through France is an exhilarating adventure, made smoother with the right questions at hand. From inquiring about accommodations to seeking local insights, these queries are invaluable tools for any traveler. Equip yourself with essential questions to enhance your French voyage.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Pouvez-vous m’aider?
Can you help me?
Où se trouve…?
Where is…?
Combien est-ce que ça coûte?
How much does it cost?
A quelle heure…?
At what time…?
Quelle est l’adresse?
What is the address?
A quelle heure est-ce que vous fermez ?
What time do you close?
C’est loin ?
Is it far?
Est-ce qu’il y a wifi ici?
Do you have wifi?
C’est quoi le password pour le wifi?
What is the wifi password?
La toilette s’il vous plaît?
Where is the toilet?

French Travel Directions

Navigating unfamiliar streets can be a daunting task, but armed with the right phrases, you can find your way with ease. Understand how to ask locals for guidance, whether you’re in the heart of Paris or a countryside village. Ensure you’re never lost with phrases that point you in the right direction.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Tournez à gauche
Turn left
Tournez à droite
Turn right
Tout droit
Straight ahead
Au coin de la rue
At the corner of the street
À la prochaine rue
At the next street
Près de
Loin de
Far from

Dining Travel Phrases

The French dining experience is a blend of culinary delights and engaging conversations. To immerse yourself fully in a French bistro or café, it’s vital to know the right phrases. From ordering your meal to praising the chef, enhance your dining escapade with the perfect expressions.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Une table pour deux, s’il vous plaît
A table for two, please
Le menu, s’il vous plaît
The menu, please
Je prend
I’ll have
L’addition, s’il vous plaît
The bill, please
Un verre d’eau, s’il vous plaît
A glass of water, please
C’est délicieux
It’s delicious
Qu’est-ce que vous me conseillez?
What do you recommend?
J’ai une allergie aux noix
I have a nut allergy
C’est pour emporter
It’s for takeout
Avez-vous un menu en anglais?
Do you have a menu in English?

Shopping French Travel Phrases

french phrases for travel shopping

Shopping in France, with its array of boutiques and markets, is a unique experience. Learn the art of inquiring about prices, sizes, or even bargaining in some places. With the right phrases, you can shop with confidence and secure the best finds.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Où est le magasin?
Where is the store?
Combien ça coûte?
How much does it cost?
Acceptez-vous les cartes de crédit?
Do you accept credit cards?
Je cherche…
I am looking for…
Je voudrais acheter…
I would like to buy…
Je jette juste un coup d’œil
I’m just looking/browsing
Avez-vous ceci dans une autre taille?
Do you have this in another size?
Puis-je essayer cela?
Can I try this on?
Où est la cabine d’essayage?
Where is the fitting room?

Getting Around

Transportation in France is diverse, from metros in Paris to scenic train rides in the countryside. To travel seamlessly, it’s crucial to know French travel phrases that assist in buying tickets, asking for schedules, or even hailing a taxi. Move effortlessly through the country with these essential transportation phrases.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Où est l’arrêt de bus?
Where is the bus stop?
Un billet pour…, s’il vous plaît
A ticket to…, please
Où est la station de métro?
Where is the metro station?
A quelle heure est le dernier train?
What time is the last train?
Où puis-je acheter un billet de train?
Where can I buy a train ticket?
Où est la gare?
Where is the train station?
Combien de temps dure le trajet?
How long is the journey?
Je voudrais un billet aller-retour
I would like a round-trip ticket

French Conversation Phrases

Engaging in casual conversations can provide genuine insights into French daily life. Equip yourself with everyday phrases to chat about the weather, current events, or shared interests. Bond with locals by diving into the heart of casual French dialogue.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Comment vous appelez-vous?
What is your name?
Vous venez d’où?
Where are you from?
Nice to meet you
Parlez-vous anglais?
Do you speak English?
Désolé(e) je ne comprends pas
I don’t understand
Pouvez-vous répéter?
Can you repeat?
Pourriez-vous parler plus lentement?
Could you speak more slowly?
Je parle un peu français
I speak a little French
Bien sûr
Of course

Sightseeing Phrases

France is a treasure trove of historic landmarks and breathtaking sights. To enhance your sightseeing journey, familiarize yourself with phrases that help you learn about a monument’s history or ask for recommendations. Immerse yourself in the nation’s rich heritage with the right expressions.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Où est le musée?
Where is the museum?
Où puis-je acheter des billets?
Where can I buy tickets?
Pouvez-vous me montrer sur la carte?
Can you show me on the map?
Combien coûte le billet d’entrée?
How much is the entrance ticket?
Où sont les toilettes?
Where are the toilets?
Est-ce ouvert le dimanche?
Is it open on Sundays?
C’est une belle vue
It’s a beautiful view
Y a-t-il des visites guidées?
Are there guided tours?
Pouvez-vous prendre une photo de moi, s’il vous plaît?
Can you take a photo of me, please?

At the Market

french travel phrases shopping at a market

The bustling atmosphere of French markets is a sensory delight. Delve into the heart of local trade with phrases that allow you to inquire about freshness, origin, or preparation of goods. Revel in the vibrant market scene by communicating with vendors and fellow shoppers.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Pouvez-vous me donner un sac?
Can you give me a bag?
Je prendrai celui-ci
I will take this one
C’est combien le kilo?
How much is it per kilo?
Avez-vous quelque chose de frais?
Do you have something fresh?
Où est le marché?
Where is the market?
Je cherche des légumes bios
I am looking for organic vegetables
Avez-vous des fruits de saison?
Do you have seasonal fruits?

Asking for Help

Despite meticulous planning, you’re bound to find yourself in need of assistance. In France, a little help is just a phrase away. Learn how to ask for directions, recommendations, or any form of aid to ensure your journey is both enjoyable and safe.

French PhraseEnglish Translation
Pouvez-vous m’aider, s’il vous plaît?
Can you help me please?
Je me suis perdu(e)
I’m lost
C’est urgent
It’s urgent
J’ai besoin d’informations
I need some information
Où est l’ambassade?
Where is the embassy?
J’ai un problème avec ma voiture
I have a problem with my car
J’ai besoin d’un médecin
I need a doctor
J’ai perdu mon passeport
I have lost my passport
Je me suis perdu(e)
I am lost
J’ai eu un accident
I have had an accident

Final thoughts

As you prepare to set off on your French adventure, let these phrases be your friendly guide, encouraging deeper connections and sparking moments of joy and discovery. We firmly believe that with a heart open to learning and a spirit ready to explore, your trip will be nothing short of magical. So go ahead, embrace the beautiful French language, and let every “Bonjour” and “Merci” pave the way for a journey filled with wonderful memories and vibrant connections.

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