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“Wait, who are you and what is Discover Discomfort?”

We are Dana and Jo, and we’re on a mission to push our boundaries and learn more about the world and about ourselves. We do this by travelling to places with which we’re unfamiliar, and learning how to live, speak the language and do what they do. Along the way, we share guides for how others can do this too. Our plan for 2019 includes the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia.

“I’m not giving you my email just so you can spam me!”

Well, we don’t spam. We send emails around once a week. They mainly cover cultural immersion and learning new languages and skills. They’re informative, entertaining and based on a huge amount of research and observation.

Here are a few letters we’ve sent:

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What’s some other stuff you’ve written?

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Can I just check your website or socials periodically?

Yep! But you won’t get the emails. We archive some on the website, but not all of them.

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