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Wait, who are you and what is this?

We are Dana and Jo, and we’re on a mission to push our boundaries and learn more about the world and about ourselves. We do this by travelling to places with which we’re unfamiliar, and learning how to live, speak the language and do what they do. Our plan for 2019 includes the Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, Indonesia, China and Australia, and maybe a bit more. 

I’m not giving you my email just so you can spam me!

Well, we don’t do that. We send emails around once a week (maybe twice, in the future… but they take ages to write!). They mainly cover cultural immersion and learning new languages and skills. They’re informative, entertaining and based on a huge amount of research and observation. 

Here are a few letters we’ve sent:

I love you, but don’t look at me while I eat this

Sometimes you just want to sit in a corner and eat the most delicious food in the world.… Read More

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Monsters aren’t that scary

We’re afraid of a whole bunch of other everyday things, though.… Read More

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And here’s our letters archive.

What’s some other stuff you’ve written?

A few posts we’re really proud of:

The Surprisingly Complex Politics of Being and Speaking Chinese

Saying you speak Chinese depends on what kind of Chinese you mean, what language you’re speaking, who you are and who you’re talking to. Saying you ARE Chinese is even more complicated.… Read More

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Hot and Noisy: How to Eat Food in China

Learn about how to find good eateries, order the right thing and not get dessert in China.… Read More

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Living in Estonia – A Subjective Review

If you’ve heard of Estonia and wondered about E-Residency, the Tallinn’s startup culture and what it’s like to live in this country, you’re in luck. This is the first in a series we’ll do of highly subjective reviews of countries … Read More

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Can I just check your website or socials periodically?

Yep! But you won’t get the emails. We archive some on the website, but not all of them.

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