Getting fluent in any language is hard. But getting by is easier. Want to bargain for cheaper rickshaw fares? Drink tea with Bedouins? Or order kebab delivered to your door? You just need to get by. Getting by is what we call 80-20 fluency.

Most books and courses out there are about teaching you to be fluent in any situation. Not us. We believe in 80-20 fluency; being able to explain yourself without knowing unnecessary stuff.

To this end we’re launching something new soon: a guided coaching course and community to help you get by in a second language so you can travel with it.

It’s called Discover Languages.

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About Discover Languages

We know you have questions. We have answers.

What is Discover Languages?

Discover Languages is a supportive community of people learning a new language, along with a 30-day guided coaching program.

Is Discover Languages for me?

YES, if:

  • You like engaging with other people while learning, drawing from their energy
  • You’re a positive person
  • You want to learn a language and do it in an organised way.

You might be learning your first new language or your fifth. Either way, if you agree with the above, you’ll like it!

It’s NOT for you if you don’t have time to make the commitment.

Get 80-20 Fluent in a New Language in 30 days 1

What do we have to do?

You have to available to

  1. Commit to 30-60 minutes of study a day for 5-6 days a week, for the 30-day cycle.
  2. Record audio of your progress and post it in the group. This is mandatory!
  3. Help and encourage others learning by commenting on their audio. This is also mandatory.

Will I get fluent with Discover Languages?

We define success differently. For us, success is:

  • Believing that you can do this
  • Giving and receiving positive feedback
  • Progress, as seen in your audio or video clips

The goal is to get you comfortable enough to travel. It will be so that not everything is alien and foreign when you get to your destination. It’s to have a huge leg up on people who buy a phrasebook at the airport and try to figure things out on the fly.

Why do I have to record audio?

People often feel like they’re going nowhere when learning a language. We’ve found that recording audio is the most powerful way of getting unstuck and seeing evidence of progress. You can hear the changes yourself. And when others hear you, they’ll virtually high-five you on the internet.

What will you create to do all this?

  • Webinars & group calls. We’ll share guidance on how to get started, tips from past learners and inspiring stories.
  • Guided emails. From guidance for the journey, tools to use and techniques for learning.
  • A community – in Facebook for now. (It’s just the easiest place! After building it out, we’ll launch our oown forum)

How much will it cost?

The first time we run it, we’ll offer the Discover Languages for $49. In the future, it will be $79 for the one-month program.

I want to know something else!

That’s fine. Drops us a line any time. Otherwise…

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