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Our Everyday Fears

A quick guide to overcoming everyday fears — public speaking, talking to strangers or doing something “different”.… Read More

Moving to Estonia
Living in Estonia – A Subjective Review

If you’ve heard of Estonia and wondered about E-Residency, the Tallinn’s startup culture and what it’s like to live in this country, you’re in luck. This is the first in a series we’ll do of highly subjective reviews of countries … Read More

80-20 Vocabulary
The 80-20 Vocabulary List

It’s here! The 80-20 vocabulary list we’ve been working on. We make updates to this as we learn languages too, so sign up for updates. First, here’s the download link. But check out the instructions for use, too. Instructions for … Read More

Just one more step…

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Welcome, Discoverer!

You won’t regret this! We will only send things that are useful and interesting. Here’s a few examples of that: Or just check out our latest posts.     

Learn Swahili—Resources and Plan

This is our plan to learn Swahili, including an overview of how difficult it is, why learn Swahili, resources we’ll use and how we’ll find tutors and accommodation with a family.… Read More

These Chinese Proverbs will Teach You about China

Chinese is a rich language, full of florid language and proverbs. One of the most beautiful parts of Chinese is the proverbs. Knowing proverbs not only lets you communicate better with Chinese people; it also helps you understand more about … Read More

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