Our Plan for 2019 (and Epilogue)

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The Discover Discomfort plan for 2019 and beyond

What’s the Discover Discomfort list of goals for 2019?

What We Do: Learn by Living

Firstly, if you don’t know what Discover Discomfort is about, and the name doesn’t give it away… we travel immersively to places that are unfamiliar to us, learning about culture through learning languages and doing what local people do.

Any place that feels like “we see that place on the news, or occasionally meet the people, but don’t really get them” becomes a place on our hit list.

This includes all of the Middle East and Africa (every part), Central Asia, the Pacific Islands, and some parts of Asia and Latin America with which we’re less familiar.

The goal is to just live like “ordinary people”. We’ll always be foreigners, but be as well-integrated as possible: speaking the local language, shopping at local markets, eating local food, hanging out with local people.

The Plan

Here’s what we currently have planned for 2019. It’s somewhat in flux and might be modified, but this is the plan for now.


On reflection, our plan was a little hurried.

We got through a lot of it, but we also felt tired of packing and getting on to planes — even though we stayed in countries for months. Part of the reason for this was that we moved place within a country every 2 weeks or so. Never really time to “settle”.

We just finished up our Salsa dancing when the events of 2020 happened and we had to hurry home!

In the future, we’re going to focus on spending more time in most places — 3-6 months, normally.

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Ryan Biddulph
4 years ago

Dana your list is awesome, awesome. We keep seeing house sits pop up in the Middle East; Oman, Egypt, Morocco. Definitely hoping to align with one as we enter 2019.