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Cake Yazdi — Persian Yazdi Cakes

This is a first for Discover Discomfort — a recipe! In a time when we can’t travel much, we’re starting to cook food from places where we have some cultural connection, places to which we’ve travelled, or to which we … Read More

The Ultimate Valle de Cocora Hiking Guide

The surreal landscapes of Valle de Cocora (“Cocora Valley”) lie at the heart of Colombia’s zona cafetera (the “coffee axis”). The area is a UNESCO World Heritage site. During our time living in Colombia learning how to dance Colombian salsa, … Read More

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The Ten+ Best Spanish Movies on Netflix

The very best Spanish movies on Netflix and Spanish-language movies from around the world — fully reviewed per Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB If you’re learning Spanish then you’re in luck — a lot of great movies come out in Spanish … Read More

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