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Travel blogging regrets
10 Travel Experts Share Tips on Long-term Travel

Photo by Francesca Tirico on Unsplash “What would you have done differently?” That’s what we wanted to know from some of the biggest travel bloggers out there. People who have made it work, and who have been travelling for a … Read More

Our Everyday Fears

Many of us have everyday fears – like of speaking to strangers, or dancing – that stop us from being as great as we could. How do we overcome them?… Read More

Moving to Estonia
Living in Estonia – A Subjective Review

This is what Tallinn looks like. If you’re not sold already, I don’t know what will sell you! If you’ve heard of Estonia and wondered about E-Residency, the Tallinn’s startup culture and what it’s like to live in this country, … Read More

80-20 Vocabulary
The 80-20 Vocabulary List

It’s here! The 80-20 vocabulary list we’ve been working on, available ONLY to our email subscribers. If someone sent this to you, we’d appreciate a note of thanks! If you sign up we’ll let you know of major updates, too. … Read More